Rosell IT is a one-man company run by me, Bjørn Rosell. My work is highly specialized: I set up Drupal solutions. A "set up" typically means:

  • Installing Drupal with a basic set of modules and configurations thereof. This includes wysiwyg editor with support for images.
  • Creating a Drupal template from either HTML or a graphical layout
  • Discovering and setting up various modules needed for the solution (ie contact form, image gallery etc)
  • Setup is typically done on my server and migrated when all is approved

I'm also able to create modules, if this is needed. It usually isn't, as the amount of contributed modules for Drupal is abundant. I have created two larger site-specific modules. I also created a module called "Webmaster menu", which is shared on drupal.org: http://drupal.org/project/webmaster_menuI currently work for: